What is RootDesk?

RootDesk is an all in one integrated work tracking platform with a extremely easy to use UI and configurable backend.
RootDesk is a Customer Support/Helpdesk Tool + BugTracker + Agile Software + Ticketing Tool + IT Support Tool + Performance Management System + Automation Tool + Team Collaboration Tool + Voucher Tracker + Timesheet Management Tool.

RootDesk is a completed integrated tool with all the above listed features talking to each other seamlessly.

The goal behind RootDesk is to bring all departments in a company on a single platform with lots of automation capabilities to reduce repetitive work.

RootDesk in itself is very configurable product.

key features:

  1. Awesomely built
  2. Awesomely fast
  3. OpenAPI
  4. Team Collaboration
  5. Customer Communication
  6. Improve your customer service
  7. Improve team collaboration
  8. Track team/ individual performances
  9. Timesheets
  10. Vouchers
  11. General Ticketing
  12. Automation capable (automatic ticket assignments)
  13. Completely integrated
  14. Completely configurable
  15. One Product for All (Customer + Executive + Manager + Management)
  16. Org-Structure / Team mmanagement
  17. Knowledge base
  18. Team wise configurable forms
  19. Works anywhere in the world
  20. Email ticketing

Use cases for RootDesk:

  1. Novire support team uses RootDesk for handling customer queries and issues.
  2. Novire Service team uses RootDesk to provide after sales service and repair for their IoT devices across India.
  3. Novire Service team uses RootDesk mobile app to collaborate service and repair operations among all executives across India.
  4. Novire development team uses RootDesk to keep track of all BUGS in the system.
  5. Novire development team uses RootDesk to keep track of all project activities with timesheets.
  6. Novire IT support team uses RootDesk to solve and track all IT support related activities.
  7. Datamoulds team uses RootDesk for Helpdesk,Bugtracker and timesheets.