RootDesk Goals

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Goal#1: All departments under one roof

The first and foremost goal of RootDesk platform is to bring together entire organisation under one roof.


Goal#2: All work being managed from RootDesk

All the work in the organisation should be managed from RootDesk. RootDesk becomes like a centralised hub for all kinds of work assignment and tracking.

automation (2)

Goal#3: Automate Repetitive Tasks

RootDesk will automate all repetitive tasks across all teams in the organisation.


Goal#4: Improve Productivity

RootDesk tends to directly improve productivity by motivating employees. RootDesk tracks performances and based on this data it grants awards and recognition to the employees.

  • RootDesk is a cost effective solution to bring your entire organisation together. Completely FREE for startups.
  • RootDesk manages tasks, performances, teams, internal communication, customer communication for your organisation.
  • Simplicity is at its core. Extremely easy to use. Available as Web portal, Android and Chrome plugin.
  • RootDesk is a “Multipurpose Ticketing Management Platform” , “Work Management System” and “Project Management Tool” capable of working across all departments in an organisation.
  • RootDesk is also the best tool for Enterprise Collaboration.

RootDesk Use-Cases


Customer Support

RootDesk is ideal for Customer support. Executives solve customer issues. Executives can redirect tasks to anyone in the organisation and still track the progress. Customers also can login or use the mobile app to check progress. Automatic assignment rules help reduce load on support team. RootDesk integrates with any website to provide online support. You can choose to follow tickets from other teams to update customers on the progress.


Bug Tracker

RootDesk is also used as a BugTracker. No setup needed. Easy to use. Extremely flexible. Custom fields supported. Customised reports. Support for collaboration between different teams to track bugs, solve bugs and deliver solutions on time. Easy integration to your sprint plans. You can record solutions, knowledge and refer later.



Task Management

RootDesk is one of the best tools for Task management. You can manage your own tasks as well as your team-mates tasks from the same dashboard. Sub-Tasks are also supported. Each task may be of different type. All is configurable from Admin login. Tasks have deadlines. You can delegate or transfer tasks automatically. You can manage tasks of multiple teams together or even entire departments.


Team Management

Team management is one of the speciality of RootDesk. You can create the entire organisation structure in RootDesk. Every employee manages the subordinates under him in the hierarchy. Approvals are sent to the managers above you. RootDesk provides a drag-drop UI for creating the team structure. Anyone can create their own teams in RootDesk and start managing them.

performance graph

Performance Management

RootDesk awards scores to individuals based on the work they perform. Every type of work is different and hence different points are given to them based on type and difficulty. All this is configurable from Admin login. RootDesk shows daily, weekly and monthly performance of team as well as the individual on the dashboard. RootDesk also shows best performers on daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Timesheet Management

RootDesk helps keep track of time spent on various activities by you and your team. RootDesk records time for every activity and for every project. This helps you analyse the gaps in your planning and execution. RootDesk has the best in the market feature for managing timesheet. Timesheet are extremely useful in time-bound projects to deliver project on time and bill the customer accurately.


Checklist Management

RootDesk helps you define checklists for the tasks. These checklists acts as guidelines for anybody who has been assigned the work. For example, a deployment executive will have a deployment checklist configured in RootDesk. Hence he will always follow the exact same steps with approvals for various stakeholders mentioned in the checklist. Each item in the checklist may belong to different departments. This improves process adherence in the organisation.

executive present

Attendance Management

RootDesk keeps track of time you have been using it. Hence when all activities are tracked by RootDesk, it should be fairly able to tell you the overall usage of RootDesk and the attendance of the individuals in your team. You can then compare this data to the data from timesheet to validate authenticity.


Enterprise Collaboration

RootDesk collaboration module allows you to communicate with any team in your organisation using a chat like interface per project. Each project can have multiple threads running. This replaces the use of Emails altogether as everything is recorded and can be easily retrieved later. RootDesk also allows customer communication. Individuals can also have one-to-one private chats.

On-Field agent

On-Field Agents

RootDesk has a very user friendly mobile app which allows executives to use it anywhere in the world even when they are travelling. Hence work can be assigned to field agents and can be monitored from anywhere. Field agents do use checklists to perform various tasks. You can monitor the performance of field agents. You would also be able to track the location of field agent (upcoming..).

distributed teams

Distributed Teams

RootDesk simplifies work management across the organisation even when the teams are distributed across different geographical locations. RootDesk allows you to create as many teams as you need. An individual in an organisation can belong to one or more team and can manage multiple teams. RootDesk provides you with a virtual platform to manage your entire fleet.


Awards & Recognition

RootDesk helps you motivate employees by encouraging their superiors to recognise and award their work. RootDesk offers to award an individual based on the performance. This process is completely transparent. Individuals can get weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or 5 yearly awards. Employees can share these award certificates directly on LinkedIn.


IT Helpdesk/ ServiceDesk

Just like customer support, RootDesk is also used by IT support teams to solve queries and issues of everyone in the organisation. It can track SLA's and manage performance of the help-desk team. Also RootDesk timesheet module is able to track their time on all activities. Tickets can be automatically routed to help-desk by settings rules.

repository for all tickets

Ticketing Management

RootDesk is a single complete ticketing management platform. It allows you to have the flexibility to create any number of teams, create and assign tickets against those teams. Create rules to automatically assign tickets to teams and individuals. Assign deadlines to those tickets. Send reminders. Study performance over time. Manage multiple projects.

work management system

WMS (Work Management)

RootDesk becomes a virtual task repository of your organisation. Every work assigned to any individual in the organisation is recorded in RootDesk. Hence it becomes a perfect work management system across all departments. RootDesk is also used by consultants to manage and bill their work. RootDesk lets you plan and schedule your's and your team's work.


Invoice Management

RootDesk can convert your tickets directly to invoices so that you can bill your work to your customers. You can download those invoices in PDF format and send to customers for billing.


Agile Process (upcoming..)

Agile planning and delivery process is coming to RootDesk soon. Agile lets you plan and schedule all your tasks. It will be the perfect tool to manage multiple projects and teams from single dashboard. 


Automation (upcoming..)

RootDesk supports 4 types of automation capabilities namely Rule based, Workflow based, Schedule based and AI based. 1] Rules: Automatic ticket assignment rules. 2] Workflows: Approval workflows, Escalation workflows. 3] Schedules: Automatic email reports and notifications. 4] Artificial Intelligence: Recommendation engine, Solution finder.


BPM Tool (upcoming..)

RootDesk already has many components of a BPM tool in itself. Hence we are making it a complete BPM suite in the nearby future.


Recommendation Engine (upcoming..)

RootDesk is going to have a recommendation engine which will guide the user to perform activities in RootDesk. The AI engine will give task recommendations, award recommendations, performance recommendations, and many more. It will be a proactive system.

Some glimpses of RootDesk