Customer Support

Customer Support

RootDesk is ideal for Customer support.

Executives solve customer issues.

Executives can redirect tasks to anyone in the organisation and still track the progress. Customers also can login or use the mobile app to check progress. Automatic assignment rules help reduce load on support team. RootDesk integrates with any website to provide online support. You can choose to follow tickets from other teams to update customers on the progress.


Balance your Load

Plan and Manage Your Team and Self Activities with Interactive split Dashboard.


Timesheet always works

Track and Organize Your Team Happiness. Ensure, You fulfill all your commitments ahead your time.

Automation is Key

Automate your all Projects with Priorities and Complexity to Equip your Customer.


Intelligence with Report

Act With Intelligence to improve health and friction of your business to be more reliable, flexible and scalable.


Build Team

Customize your team in synchronized flow to collaborate and assist customer.


Auto assigned Suite

Auto assigned Ticketing Suite allows to Save time and effort by creating rules to automate repetitive task.

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"Datamoulds is an innovative software products and services company, which creates intelligent software platforms to reduce the workload of its customers by automating repetitive tasks, improving process adherence, customized development and analytical services"

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$ 0 per user/month Free upto 5 users free plan

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