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RootDesk is a "Multipurpose Ticketing Management Platform" and a complete "Work Management System" for your organisation. RootDesk is used across all departments in an organisation and acts as a centralised repository for work tracking, collaboration and automation.



ControlDesk is a "Centralised Command and Control Platform" for all the automated alerts and notifications sent from your applications. ControlDesk abstracts Email notifications, SMS notifications, Voice notifications over telephone lines, Browser notifications, and many more to come. ControlDesk also lets you configure escalations. ControlDesk is a completely configurable platform with easy integration into existing systems. ControlDesk is able to integrate to your existing systems in less than a day's time. Simply speaking, ControlDesk converts emails to voice calls, SMS and other notifications.


2.Notification: Calls, SMS, Voice notification, E-mails, Browser


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