Upcoming Products

Datamoulds is going to release two new products in the market namely JJS and iTrack. JJS is basically a Java Technology product which allows developers and enterprises to build loosely coupled applications by taking away the Queue and Job processing. Yes, JJS does both enterprise queuing and Job processing. It is a highly configurable and scalable product which is capable of handling more than 10000 jobs on a single node. It has an integrated and intuitive dashboard to monitor all your executions and job processing. You will be able to track the history of all your executions.

The other product that Datamoulds is releasing is “iTrack”. iTrack is a process automation software for handling customer service interactions. It has got a web app and a mobile app. It will have an integrated form builder and a workflow editor for user customisations.

What can you achieve with iTrack?

1. Optimize your service SLA’s

2. Solve problems before your customer notices

3. Coordinate your service efforts

4. Optimize & Manage service executive schedule

5. Increase your service uptime

6. Proactively monitor hardware systems

7. Collect Customer feedback

8. Automate your service process

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