Our Services

We started our business as a service company and below are services that we offer to our customers.

Enterprise Search

Nowadays the data has become so large for any traditional datastore to search through it. We provide custom industry accepted enterprise search solutions. Imagine being able to search through millions of customer records within a few seconds. E-commerce customers can search through their entire catalog of items within seconds. Our indexing servers will carry all the burden of searching through huge datasets with minimal or zero lag.

High Availability

High Availability

All our products and softwares are inherently scalable, hence we would want to extend our knowledge to your products, by making them scale too. We help you scale your software from a few thousand users to millions of users or even more. We help you make your existing softwares scalable with minimal cost impact.

Workflow Creation Services

Workflow Creation Services

Do you remember how hard it is to maintain you business logic? With our home grown Business Workflow Engine we can easily create custom workflows for your business which can easily integrate with your applications. The code is highly maintainable. Let us create your application logic and use it as a service.

Enterprise Application Development

Our developers build customer-tailored, business critical software solutions. With our custom home grown frameworks we make it easier to develop, test and maintain enterprise softwares.

Web Application Development

Our developers make web applications using multiple technologies including JAVA, PHP, JS. We use all the latest technologies.

Mobile app development

We develop Mobile apps for Android, IOS and Windows

Analytics Solutions

We provide with critical analysis of your data with proven Big Data tools in the market like Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, Cassandra to name a few

Migration Solutions

We make custom softwares for you to migrate your existing data to another system/ database.

Integration Solutions

We provide standard as well as custom integration solutions to integrate your softwares to other softwares.

Our Team

Our team consists of talented young people from computer engineering discipline. The team is lead by Mr. Rahul Parmar who is the Co-Founder of Datamoulds and is the brain behind Datamoulds. The Datamoulds team is constantly guided by industry experts from Novire Technologies. Mr. Suresh Sachdev (CEO of Novire Technologies) and Mr. Prabhu Natarajan (COO of Novire Technologies) have always been there to guide Datamoulds.
Rahul Parmar
Rahul Parmar
Co-Founder , Expert in Programming and Algorithms. Can code in almost all technologies.
Komal Kavaiya
Komal Kavaiya
Co-Founder , Marketing Expert

Our Happy Customers

We understand our customer problems and solve them as our own. Hence our customers never leave us for any other partner. So far we have had customers in Logistics and Supply Chain , Human Resource and Industry Automations sectors.